Amino adic derivatives, polypeptide reagent,low molecular weight compound.

Greatpeptide-Focus On Peptide Customization

Peptide Synthesis Services

Peptide services include peptide customization, peptide modification, catalog peptide, cosmetic peptide synthesis, and peptide library construction services to meet the needs of different fields of research

Product coverage

The company’s existing products include: amino acid derivatives, polypeptide reagents, small molecular compounds, ELISA test kits

Excellent research and development team

The company is led by a group of well-known scholars of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, practical, diligent, hard-working, and innovative high-quality outstanding research and development team, R & D technical strength ranks in the forefront of the industry

Independent research and development center

Equipped with Waters LC-MS/MS, Waters UPLC, Waters automatic purification instrument, Shimadzu LCMS, automatic freeze-drying system, UV spectrophotometer and other special precision instruments

About Our Company

Guruite Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Peptide synthesis as one of its core businesses, is headquartered in Nanjing, China, with a construction area of 45000 square meters, more than 1500 employees, and a group of top doctoral experts at home and abroad

Guruite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the research and development, sales, and transfer of peptide products. The company’s existing products include amino acid derivatives, peptide reagents, and small molecule compounds. It has an independent research and development center and a non bacterial laboratory in Nanjing, equipped with Waters LC-MS/MS, Waters UPLC, Waters fully automatic purifier, Shimadzu LCMS, and fully automatic freeze-drying system Special precision instruments such as ultraviolet spectrophotometers provide reliable peptide products for the vast scientific research team.

Guruite Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as the name suggests, is the great biotechnology company in the world and the carrier of the peptide industry. With 16 years of rich quality management experience and huge scale effects, we provide customers worldwide with high-quality, affordable, and high-tech peptide products.

Greatpeptide-Focus On Peptide Synthesis


Customer Peptide Customization

Table of Contents Peptides

Customer peptide modification

Cosmetic peptide

Peptide library

Polypeptide Basic Information

The points of concern

Driven by technology, seeking development through quality, and surviving through reputation.

We serve demanders around the world


The best quality. We don’t like receiving customer complaints and don’t want to waste their valuable time. We always prioritize product quality!


Response efficiency, workmanship efficiency,and delivery efficiency. Time is money, and wewill complete customer orders as quickly aspossible!


The price is reasonable. Quality and price are directly proportional. Please trust us, all products are worth their price!


We have a professional sales team and customer service team. Product dissatisfaction package return and exchange. Customer satisfaction is our mission!

Peptide Modification

Peptide Modification Services

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Phosphorylation modification

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Fluorescent labeling

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Methylation modification

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Isotope labeling

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Multi-pair disulfide bond

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Amide cyclic peptide

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Click on Chemical Peptide Synthesis

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frequently asked question

Can we get your free samples?

Yes, you can. We can provide free samples to customers for testing. But the courier fee is borne by the buyer.

What kind of packaging do you use to transport your products?

Commonly used packaging includes pot foil, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. If the buyer has requirements, they can follow the buyer’s packaging method.

What is the usual delivery time?

For inventory products, we will ship them within 24-48 hours after receiving payment. For large orders, we will process them after receiving the deposit and ship them within 10-15 days.

What are your shipping terms?

Faster methods: FDEX, DHL UPS, TNT, etc. By sea or air freight

How is your quality control?

We conducted three tests before packaging.

Minimum order quantity?

We don’t have a minimum quantity, everything is fine, 1mg, 1g, 1kg, etc. Add my WhatsApp,We can talk more,+8618851612515

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